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***I am no longer putting out videos once a week.

How to Rock a Campfire

Hello Guitar world! This is Howtorockacampfire. Are you ready to start learning guitar?
I have released 350+ tutorials on the guitar. My lessons are different from other lessons on the internet. My style is simple: First I show you what to play in a song, and then I play the song the whole way through.

I am a guitarist who appreciates both TECHNIQUE and HEART, and I feel that a balanced combination of both is essential for optimal flow on any instrument. 

         INFLUENCES OF MINE include: 

        -Psychedelic (Classic) Rock: Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Beatles, Pink FLoyd, The Doors, e.t.c.
        -Acoustic folk: Bob Dylan, Bob marley, Neil Young, Tragically Hip, Sixto Rodriguez, e.t.c.


These 13 videos constitute my introductory guitar lessons. These lessons go through everything you need to know about acoustic guitar theory (except for written musical notation). Such essential lessons include: 003 - Rhythm and Timing;   005 - Proper finger placement;   006 - Strumming the chords;  007 - Basic Chord theory explained; and 010 - Key signatures and Chord progressions. These are crucial guitar theory lessons for someone who wants to understand the basic dynamics behind music, what makes what chords flow into what chords, etc etc. 


In 2019, I rapped about some of my own devised secrets to playing the bass.
--Terminology basics
-Perfect 1st / 5th interval ("One-five country stomp")
-Learn about groove and feel 
-Time signatures
-Rudimentary bass grooves that many bass lines start from. 

These videos represent an overview of the bass, and the bass player's typical intention and role in a band. 

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