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For astrological inquiries, please send an email to

*** I will be open to clients from December 2021 onward. ***

*** I'm already booking people, so email me to get your spot.***

*** The expected charge is 220$ minimum donation for 2+ hours. ***

*** 100 can be paid upfront, and the rest afterwards. *** 

Tropical Vedic Astrology   

        Welcome to Dustin Cormier's Astrology page.
        You can contact me about an appointment by sending me an email at


        I am a Tropical Vedic Astrologer. I do not use sidereal constellations to delineate the signs of the zodiac, I use the Earth's Tropics (Placidus / Western style).
        I do, however, pay attention to the 27 sidereal constellations (nakshatras) of the moon.

        I have been studying under the tutelage of Ryan Kurczak of Asheville astrology since 2017, through his Astrological Apprenticeship Program. Currently in my fourth year, where I apply the knowledge I've gained in my apprenticeship.

        Before my present schooling, I've been obsessed with Astrology ever since reading about it in Paramahansa Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi, around the year 2012. I am deeply interested in the Veda, and I believe that astrology is a gift from ancient times upon the kali yuga to help us see things in their timeless wholeness, through the lens of alchemy and yoga. 

Asheville Tropical Vedic Astrology classes on Teachable

        Would you like to grasp Astrology through my lineage of Tropical Vedic teachers, and possibly get personal tutoring by me?

        Checkout Asheville Vedic Astrology here:

        (If you use this link I will receive a bonus cut from my school from the proceedings. Thank you for supporting local astrologers.) 

     How to Rock Astrology   
         How to Rock Astrology is a hub for my free educational videos about all things Astrology. 

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