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Dustin Cormier - Model


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Currently under contract with Campbell Models:  
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All professional model projects will be posted on this site. 

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Woodstock Shoot 2019
-Photographer:  @ImagesbyDyrek (instagram)

-Production/Director:  Karolina Roussakis   
-Special Thanks to Adele and Ray for the Hipped-out Volkswagon!


Rainfall on the canopy, / tragedy of a sunbeing. /
O love, in this jungle of passion, / even your rain feels warm to me.


Shoutout to the beautiful Karolina Roussakis and @imagesbydyrek (insta) for this blissful summer photoshoot, shot here in the green hills of Ontario Canada.

This was shot at the popular spot called "R farm" in newcastle. Just a little taste of what this summer has cookin, folks.
Life is short. Spill the wine, dig that girl!

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